Meet the 3rd Hungry Man !

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Meet the 3rd Hungry Man!

What is one thing in common between The Avengers and The 3 Hungry Men? No, eating is not a SuperPower! But the common thing is that behind both, there is a huge hard working team. It is not just Colin and Nikhil who run the show, you all know us very well, so we need no introduction. This post is dedicated to our team members all across India and the world without whom our functioning would be very difficult.

Our Secret Super Heroes are as follows *Drum Roll*:

  1. Sanjay Kamath


Sanjay is the whole and soul of T3HM, people often call him the 3rd Hungry Man and we don’t deny it as his contribution has been immense and unmatched. He has revolutionized our social media and website reach for which we are forever indebted. He is a PURE VEGETARIAN! Now you guys know where all our Veg recommendations come from!

  1. Sonal Karkera


We still cannot forget the day we met Sonal at our Biryani Eating Competition where he polished of an entire plate of Chicken Biryani in 48 seconds. Then the rest is history. Sonal was then inducted amongst us and is now our Chief Food Photographer. His Better half Pooja has also been an indispensable part our success. They have both moved to Canada for their further studies and will start a Canadian section of The 3 Hungry Men. To all those who think Sonal is overweight, how can he eat so much etc etc. you can now eat your words as this beast works out for 3 hours a day and has 6 pack abs. His hunger is built by his appetite. Don’t believe us? Check out his photo!

  1. Manmohan Pai

Manmohan Pai

Diana Mohammed Ali Pai as we all lovingly call him, handles our Manipal section. He himself has a Masters in Hotel Management. Apart from this he runs a catering business and sweet shop by the name of Diana Annexe.  He is also the grandson of Late Mr. Mohandas Pai, the founder of the famous Diana Restaurant in Udupi. Now we know where is food sense comes from!

  1. Roydon D’souza

Roydon Dsouza

We have no words to thank Roydon as he has been a great help from the start. When we had no money to build a website, it was Roydon who helped us and didn’t even charge a penny. We have  great respect for this man. Roydon is an M.Sc in Computer Science and he works as a Software Engineer in Bangalore.

  1. Kelvin Castelino


Another great computer wizard who has seen our tough times and our times of success. Kelvin is computer genius and an ardent foodie who has always motivated us and written for us too. Kelvin also works in Bangalore.

  1. Faizan Ummer Khatib


Faizan who started from scratch with us as a photographer has now reached greater heights with his skills. He captures poetry from food in his photos. Now based in Abu Dhabi, he handles the UAE section for us. Faizan also has a business of commercial Gas Pipelines in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Shereen D’souza


Food is her life. She has been the head of Editorial Team as her writing skills are excellent. She has always helped us to make our article more classy and drool worthy. She is now the Assistant Editor of a Business Magazine in Qatar and she handles our Doha section.

  1. Austyn Goveas

Austyn Goveas

His skill of eating never ceases to amaze us. Austyn has always been around with us supporting us and helping us review food from the beginning. He is also a champion competitive eater. Eating is not the only thing he does with his mouth. He is also the lead vocalist of the Band Shifting Scales. He is now based in Bangalore and works as an Advocate.

  1. Akshaya Pai

Akshaya Pai

Being born in a GSB Family and growing up in Coastal Karnataka, her love for food was inborn. Being in Bangalore lets her explore her love for food even more.  She loves finding out about restaurants/popular eateries around Bangalore and trying out all different cuisines. She’s the head of our Bangalore operations.

  1. Kishan iklikk

Kishan Iklikk

This man has the ability to shoot you into a new dimension (with his CAMERA). Kishan has been an integral part of our photography team. He makes food come alive. He has also covered many events for us and is a Professional Event Photographer himself. Do check out his Photography Page Iklikk Photography.

  1. Preetham Aloysius D’Souza

Preetham Aloysius

Don’t be fooled by his size or innocent looks, he loves to eat and loves to click. He makes magic with his lens. Preetham is a wonderful and sought after event photographer. He is also a team member of the Giant Photography Team Photosynthe. Do check out his Personal Photography Page Preetham Photography.

  1. Vishaal Bhat


Apart from being an M.D in Pharmacology, Dr. Vishaal is an ardent eater and has been an integral part of our Manipal team. He is also the founder of the very famous Dr. Vishaal is always ready to help us for anything.

  1. Davood Sheik


Naam to suna hi hoga na? but our Davood is one of the most cheerful person you could ever come across. We still remember how he single handedly handled a massive crowd at the NITK Hogathon. His event management skills are surprisingly great. He is always ready to do anything for us. Davood also runs an event management company by the name of Vision Events.

  1. RevLimiterz


Last but not the least are members of team RevLimiterz, a biking group founded by Sanjay Kamath. They have always been an integral part of our events. Their manpower is indispensable and we would like to thank all the team members for always being there for us.

So from now on, anyone who asks you who the third hungry man is? Your answers are all the peoples names on top. We would like to thank our team for doing a great job and always being with us. They have put their love for food above all. WE SALUTE YOU! Stay Hungry Stay Happy!

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